Specter Gadget

Club et Sac-à-Dos de chasseur de fantôme


Requires Attunement

  • Gain the cantrip Ghoul Touch
  • Club + 1 (Sigil)
  • Add + 2d6 radiant vs ethereal and spectral creatures when you hit with a melee attack or with Ghoul Touch.
  • If you would kill an incorporeal or spectral creature, you can instead capture it inside the backpack. With a spirit inside the backpack, you can activate one of the following effect for 1 hour. Changing the effect requires a new captured pokemon spirit:
  1. + 2 AC
  2. + 1d6 radiant damage on melee attacks with the club and with Ghoul Touch
  3. + 1 spell attack and spell DC
  4. Gain 15 temporary HP

Specter Gadget

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