Redingote of Useful Items


Dagger (1/2)
Bullseye lantern (filled and lit) (2/2)
Steel mirror (2/2)
10-foot-pole (2/2)
Hempen rope (50 feet, coiled) (1/2)
Sack (2/2)

Silver coffer (1′×6″, worth 500gp)
Iron door (up to 10′×10′, barred on one side)
10 gems worth 10gp each (le DM’s guide dit 100gp chaque qui croire?)
Wooden ladder (24 feet)
Pit (10’ cube)
4 Potions of Healing
Spell Scroll “Mirror Image”
2 Mastiffs
Window (2′×4′, up to 2’ deep)


Redingote of Useful Items

Planescape: Rise and Fall in the Ditch Falingard