Fl'Orsh, Intelligent Githyanki Silversword

En gith;Peuple mourrant, à genous


Requires Attunement

  • The sword decides if the wielder is honorable cares for the People enough to grant him a +0 to +3 enchantment
  • Plane Shift as an Action (only to the Astral Plane), Recharge when you kill a Mindflayer, a Gith or a Neogi
  • Bane of the People: +1d8 Radiant dmg vs a Mindflayer, a Gith or a Neogi
  • Vampiric Touch as a Bonus Action on a Critical hit
  • Can morph into any sword-like weapon, from a dagger to a great sword, as an Action
  • Teach Gith while you sleep
  • Parry as a Reaction you gain +2 AC on one melee attack
  • Enchantment + 1
  • Resistance to Psychic Damage

Moyens de rapprochement:

  • Apprendre le Gith comme langue
  • Éliminer des ennemis des Gith
  • Apprendre l’histoire du schiste entre Gith et Zerthimon
  • Apaiser les dissensions entre Githzerais et Githyankis
  • Empêcher les Sword Stalkers de reprendre l’épée

Fl'Orsh, Intelligent Githyanki Silversword

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